Who do you think you are?

Faced with no other choice but to evolve to a changing environment, with new diseases and a failing antibiotic healthcare, how would you prepare and adapt?

The human genome-sequencing project found that for every one human cell in the body there are ten others belonging to the realm of bacteria and other microbes. We wouldn’t be human without them. We need them.

Responding to this, ‘The Race’ asks you to reconsider yourself as more than just your DNA, but as a highly complex co-evolved organism, part animal part conglomeration of vital bacteria, microbes and parasites. In short, an extraordinary balanced ecosystem that we need to work with and not against.

In the current context of a scientific crisis leading to the creation of antibiotic resistant superbugs like mRSA, ‘The Race’ offers visions of human evolution, new behaviors and objects acknowledging the need for a more symbiotic future.

Michael Burton, 2008

Image: Commensal Bacteria Fingernails, 2007 by Michael Burton


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