Eden DNA

April 9, 2007

For those lucky enough to be in Milan over the next month, I have some work in the Eden DNA exhibiton in the Centre Culturel Français de Milan until 19 May. The show has some great pieces of work including live animals and genetically modified organisms. Here’s an image from the show by Catherine Chalmers:

edendna.jpg Rhino


the raging grannies

April 9, 2007

Just heard about the Canadian ‘Raging Grannies’. They’re a group of women aged 50 to over 80 who protest and raise awareness over issues such as climate change and social justice, with the aim to change society. Originating in Canada their movement is spreading across the USA and Europe. They demonstrate and communicate their message through satirical songs. Their manifesto: raging grannies

We’re women aged from mid 50’s to over 80 – not all grannies – from different religious, ethnic and cultural traditions who share one goal: we want to change society.
Wearing our long skirts, shawls, running shoes, and especially our Outrageous Hats, while singing our stinging satirical songs, we replace the image of Nice Little Old Ladies with the reality of Feisty, Independent, Outrageous, Older Women.

Our Mission is to arouse awareness about such issues as Peace, Social Justice, Environmental Protection, Racism — and in so doing to bring about necessary changes in both laws and attitudes. We want to challenge the complacent among us and force them to confront issues to which they’ve been indifferent – or of which perhaps they are unaware. Our hope is that our kind of social action will ensure a better and more just world for our grandchildren and the generations to come.

Our credo and our approach is non-violent, but we are willing to take risks to get our message across. Each Grannie decides her own comfort level of risk taking. But whatever level we choose, we are impelled by our song which warns politicians not to take us Older Women for granted


We “saintly” Older Women

Are planning revolution

And we say


mane vane

my little pony factory

April 4, 2007

my_little_pony_factory1.jpg nose drain

Study for our shrinking nation – precious resources post-climate change flooding. Animals as sites of pharmaceutical production.
Premarin website,
HRT Horses